Kakaba kaba

Kapatid, kabado ako. Excited na kabado. I'm about to make suong to an unknown territory. I hope you don't mind the bastardized kolehiyala english but that's how it came about in my head. 

Suong is the term because i am not sure of the water. Maalat ba, malansa o fresh pero malalim? I remember the waters of Pandin Lake, it tastes so fresh and it feels so inviting but the boatman told us it's quite dangerous to swim because freshwater makes you heavier compared to saltwater. It doesn't let you float, there's no waves to help you in little ways. It's just a vast beauty of stillness and calm  and that's what makes it deadly. 

Pero hindi ako magswi-swimming. May gagawin lang ako na something na hindi ako sigurado although i have built enough stamina and experience for it, still i have to admit, i don't know shit about it.  and that's what excites me. 

My heart is racing as i face an empty word document. I resort to the pen and paper first before i face the laptop. Funny that the laptop has become my daily mistress except now, at this thing i'm at, we're strangers. Bakit ganun? This must be something worth it. Something scary must be something good. And for the first time again, I am scared yet alive.


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