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90s capture

I can't religiously commit to a Saturday or a weekend doodle here but I took interesting photos out of nowhere from the free days I had.

It looks interesting for me because it was on a Huji filter cam app, otherwise it would be blah and find its way to the trash bin. This app makes cellphone shots look like it was taken from a 1998 film camera. The 90s photo effect is on a half-roll nowadays and I like it  since it feels old and cool. 90s was a good era to be in no? It was the time of really good local music ( Eraserheads and their ilk), the original supermodels (Naomi Campbell and her ilk), the heydays of Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp plus the I-don't-care attitude of the 90s people. 

It was a time to really do actual shitty good things and not have a need to brag about it on instagram and facebook ( of which I am guilty too haha). I guess we are so advanced and picture perfect now that some people crave for things to be a bit crude and low basic even in photos.

Anyway, so …

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