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Sinking Feeling

i still remember how you made a point and it made me feel less but it is the kind that made me full. Because you wanted me to feel wrong to be better. My head was hard but my heart was soft and it came out of my eyes as i hugged you and apologized for the stubborness in me. As if a window had been broken to see a new light, and that was when i loved you. 
I loved you while you washed the dishes. It was never by sight or by service or grand gestures. It was in the midst of hushed clinks and clanks of steel against  porcelain and water that i decided to jump in shitless. The reason i bought red roses on a humid night to mark my romance.  And that is why i hate washing dishes because the plates are there to clean yet my memory is not from the thoughts of you. 

I can still smell you. More than any parts that we have, the nose doesn’t share the same romantic length as eyes and ears do but it remembers well. It connects and reflects since what the nose receives are distinct yet intangible, in…

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