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I got myself in Osaka a few weeks before my birthday just to see these famed seasonal humble divas. It was a much needed vacation from my teleserye writing and of course, a birthday treat to myself.  Do I have to say they are beautiful? Yes they are and they deserve every letter of that word. Especially when they're clumped up in groups and their color is a white-washed hue of pink.

There are pinks alright but the ones I like are the faintest ones, like a dab of soft blush against an immaculate white petal.  They are so divine and non chalant as if they don't have to prove their beauty to anyone. They're the thirty something bad ass sakura girls. Oh, these are the pink ones, they're still beautiful and no one can deny that. These are the twenty something sakura girls in my book haha.

The blossoms are best matched with Japan's cool sweater weather on very clean serene parks. You just have to sit down, feel them hover around you and do nothing (stop muna with the se…

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