90s capture

I can't religiously commit to a Saturday or a weekend doodle here but I took interesting photos out of nowhere from the free days I had.

It looks interesting for me because it was on a Huji filter cam app, otherwise it would be blah and find its way to the trash bin. This app makes cellphone shots look like it was taken from a 1998 film camera. The 90s photo effect is on a half-roll nowadays and I like it  since it feels old and cool. 90s was a good era to be in no? It was the time of really good local music ( Eraserheads and their ilk), the original supermodels (Naomi Campbell and her ilk), the heydays of Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp plus the I-don't-care attitude of the 90s people. 

It was a time to really do actual shitty good things and not have a need to brag about it on instagram and facebook ( of which I am guilty too haha). I guess we are so advanced and picture perfect now that some people crave for things to be a bit crude and low basic even in photos.

Anyway, so here are the stuff.

This was inside the glass of stuffed goodies where you swipe a timezone card and pick up stuff from a robotic hand. Ano ba tawag dun? It looks so happy yet lonely no? Probably because a stuff toy is missing on the upper part. Ewan ko ba at parang nalungkot ako dito, nakadagdag pa na naka-filter siya ng 90s look.

This is my cat, Achtung. German name pero pusang kalye lang yan. She was named after a U2 album, Achtung, Baby. Achtung means warning in German. Laging buntis ang lekat na pusang ito eh pero laging pinababayaan ang anak niya. Malaki ang tiyan niya minsan pero magugulat na lang kami sexy na ulit. Di ko alam kung saan niya dinadala ang mga kuting niya. Iniisip ko nga inaalay niya sa White walker Lord sa Game of Thrones at ginagawa silang kampon ng kadiliman. Love ko itong pusang ito kahit isnabera paminsan.

This was in Fairview Terraces. Water bursting out from a fountain and taking whatever form it takes. I just find it liberating. Imagine, something that pushes you up to be whatever you want to be.

And my favorite pic from the week that was.


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