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Q Diaries #3

Hello! How are you again?  It's a few days before this  dreaded year will end but who knows what 2021 will bring. Will it be better? Or will it be the year that will break the camel's back.   For whatever it brings, it will surely have lessons along the way.  But let me reflect a bit this 2020--- what did I really do? In all honesty and coming from a point of privilege, I have coped up well. I welcomed the uncertain months of no work-no pay because of no tapings/shootings in the TV industry where I am part of.  I have replaced it with more time for myself by exercising and doing nothing--- a luxury I couldn't afford during the normal days.  It's ironic I couldn't have time for myself when I had continuous money but when the cash flow is threatened, it just felt... good. I had time. I should be worried as most people have felt but it didn't happen even as I stare at my depleting bank account. Is this my mind rebelling  from the already rebellious norm, an anxiety

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