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Things that made the cut

These are some random things that made me appreciate my existence here on this planet. First is Bangkok. I am finally rediscovering this little Southeast Asian neighbor of ours.  I like how it's accessible (no visas for us third world beings) and fast--- a 3 hour flight is a breezy power nap and makes it cheap if you are coming from Manila.  I like how it's second skin to my country but not really since it doesn't suck as much as from where I am. (Yes, yes I know! Love your own country but I'm keeping patriotism in the bag  for now coz you do realize how ugly we are here when we've come to a nicer place.) Food is really good and tropical weather is similar here in Manila. Malls are everywhere and topnotch. Shopping is a weeklong sport and I love it!  Beaches are ok because we have better beaches here in the Philippines.  I still love Thailand and its charm. Oh and the Thai massage!!   Speaking of beaches in my country, Palawan is still out there being so pristine, q

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