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Q Diaries #4

Hello dear! 7 months has passed since I plopped something here.  A lot has happened yet the world is still at a halt. Well, it is slow and uncertain in my side of the world-- third world with a crippled government. Hay. I will not go into details but if you're living below the minimum wage here, grace is what keeps you moving thru the tunnel.  It's the light that never goes out. I never thought I could turn that into something spiritual but yeah, I did.  A little bit of life check. I turned 39 years old a few months back. I don't feel my age. I think I am still stuck with my mental age of 26.   I cut my hair twice to turn it into a pixie (the shortest I've had). I look at myself and most days I would wonder-- what if I was born lesbian? What kind of girlfriend would I go for?  These are thoughts that poke me randomly during recurring Manila lockdowns. I have been doing a lot of exercises lately; yoga, strength training and jump ropes. It keeps me sane and keeps me wea

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