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hey. how is everyone? It's been a year since I wrote something here. I miss writing; free writing of sorts without much ado about grammar or punctuation but I will try. Everyone has been sucked up by social media and just forgot about the raw beauty of just writing things down. I'll try to be faithful here as I don't have much faith in facebook. Instagram keeps me up at night with cute cat videos and bite sized psychology pieces. Well,  I have few lessons that have resurfaced just this month. I guess it has always been there yet showing up in different forms-- one is that you really can't rely on people who just like to say things but fail on action and two,  old age doesn't mean maturity and that goes to say not all old people have done inner work on themselves. They can still disappoint even with all those years ahead of them. Tsk.. Anyway, I am just trying to slow things especially with work. I am not as agitated with it as i was before and would rather work on m

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