Red Saturday

As I've written the past week, I intend to update this blog on my Saturday whereabouts. And here i am trying to be consistent with it. Like a new skin regimen that sometimes i abandon. Nyahaha.

My Saturday color was red both inside and out. Internally, I was feeling red since it was a rebellious Saturday for me. I had work to do but i chucked it out because i can. haha.
Externally, I had touches of red thru a bold red lip and crimson hued floral earrings.

I painted my lips in Anne Curtis' new local make up brand BLK in Bold (299 pesos). My earrings I bought from a local bazaar for 150 pesos (around $3).  There is this floral and tassel surge in the local earrings trend in Manila nowadays. The bigger and flamboyant, the better! I am glad these things are "in" since I have always decorated my ears with big dangling earrings ever since college. It has caused me a bit of unwanted attention at one creative meeting.  I wore these big beaded earrings that made a  cute bell sound everytime i moved my head. It was colorful and looked like my ears is on mardi gras! My then boss would  point out that she gets distracted by it. I think she hates it being the normcore that she is. Still wore it anyway. Kebs.

Ha! And now big earrings has become a bit of a norm and I see some women  wearing them like a senyorita boss that they are!  I just love it when women embrace their femininity and wear it on their ears.

So for this Saturday, I wore them red lips and red flowers as i went inside a packed warehouse grocery with the kids. It was one of those big sales that i don't know and everyone from the west of QC with a membership card was there. I just wanted to buy good knives and some house stuff but the queue estimate was two hours. Que horror!  I am not going to spend my free Saturday and red lips waiting in line so I got out and chucked that place again.

Most of my labada days, i look like a chair slave sipping starbucks and growing cellulite. I am just so glad that for this Saturday, I was close to looking like a flamenco senyorita and it was at the price of 450 pesos ( the earrings and the lipstick). Not too cheap but I loved  every minute of it especially that I get to play around with my kids too.

That was my Saturday; not too grand but good. But I am reminded of that day and some other days on this Monday quote I saw.

And for me, they are Saturdays different from labada days.


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